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Flood Insurance Availability Facing Sept. 30th Deadline

Almost all flood insurance is written through the federally subsidized and annual money-losing National Flood Insurance Program which is now $18 billion in debt and costing taxpayers more every year. That program is about to lose its funding – it’s tied up...

Workplaces Being Closed for Employee Misclassification

CT DOL Has Closed 114 Workplaces in the Last 6 Months for Misclassification of Employees By Employers Attemping to Dodge Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Taxes. Some employers are attempting to move workers off their payroll by insisting they are...

Federal Rule on Cell Phones While Driving?

CT, and most other states, already have laws on the books regarding driving while using a cell phone. This is proper…these laws should be and are created and enforced at a state level. This has not stopped a federal agency from successfully pursuing regulations...
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