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The power went out at our office yesterday, as well as the phone.

ForTheLoveOfPete, NOT NOW! 

You may have been frustrated if you tried to contact us in the last couple days!  While our office was fully functional after Sandy, but the snowstorm got us for a few hours.     The slush that gets plowed off the highway behind our  office sometimes lands on a transformer, causing that transformer to short out and explode.  (It’s kind of cool to hear it go BOOM when it quits.)

power outage 110920121 1 - Power Out.  Phone, Too.

Temporary Power Outage at Dougherty Ins. – back on now!

We lost power for Thursday morning.  We lost our telephone also, until about 1PM.  We also had our telephone interrupted again today from Noon to 2 PM.

So if you had trouble reaching us that’s why.  We’re good, now!