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Workers’ Compensation in CT covers physical injury and illness for on-the-job events.  It also covers lost wages and rehab.  It’s expensive – for professions like roofing, police officer and other high-risk occupations it can be VERY expensive – and sometimes subject to fraud.

Now, A CT legislator wants to expand coverage to include non-physical injury.  He acknowledges it will increase costs to municipalities through increased workers’ compensation costs.  It will also increase fraudulent claims as non-physical injury is very easy to manipulate through fraud and difficult to disprove.

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The legislation (copy below) includes only specific professionals.  Should it extend to others?  Is it discriminatory against other professions if it doesn’t?

If approved, would it be opening the door to cover non-physical injury to all professions?

Would it be appropriate to include/strengthen anti-fraud measures with this legislation?

What defines “mental or emotional impairment”?  (Most of us working stiffs are stressed every day!)

Is this knee-jerk, grandstanding, after-the-horse-has-left-the-barn politicking?

Should it be flatly rejected?

This bill is incomplete and amatuerish without addressing some of the above questions.

See the bill below:

Proposed Bill No. 5115



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General

Assembly convened:

1 That the general statutes be amended to allow all first responders

2 diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their duties

3 to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Statement of Purpose:

To extend workers’ compensation coverage for mental or emotional

impairment to any volunteer or paid first responder diagnosed with

post-traumatic stress disorder.


This bill is incomplete and amatuerish without addressing some of the above questions.