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Lawsuits Coming In Already from Cruise Gone Bad

Lawsuits Coming In Already from Cruise Gone Bad

“Plaintiff has been exposed to extremely toxic and debilitating conditions resulting in severe and permanent injuries,” the second lawsuit claims. That didn’t take long. The first lawsuit was filed within hours of the cruise ship getting its...
Another Employment Lawsuit-in-Waiting

Another Employment Lawsuit-in-Waiting

Businesses are being warned not to “exclude people from employment based on a criminal record.”  We’d like to warn businesses to get Employers Practices Liability Insurance. Check out the recent article from Fox News here: ...
The Art of War.  Cyber-style.

The Art of War. Cyber-style.

Cyber hacks and attacks, allegedly by the Chinese Army, on private companies have been occuring recently according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple, Washington Times and other sources. Our government is reacting to these threats as...

Sandy cost NYC over $300 million … in Fine Arts Alone

A small fortune – um, a LARGE fortune in insured fine arts was lost from New York City locations due to storm Sandy, estimated to be worth $300 – $400 million; maybe even $500 million or more.Artwork of any kind, to be insured properly, should have...
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