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Providence Mutual is Ready to Go

Providence Mutual is Ready to Go

We’re always looking for the best insurance companies for your insurance needs.   We partnered with Providence Mutual recently.  On Wednesday, we got to meet with many of their staff – underwriters  and executives –...
‘Terror’ Threatens Insurance Payouts

‘Terror’ Threatens Insurance Payouts

“Terrorism” isn’t a covered cause of loss under most insurance policies; it must be purchased as an additional optional coverage. If the recent Boston bombings are declared an act of terrorism, it changes how insurance will work.  Many...

New TV Ad Campaign

Look for our latest TV ad campaign to start on April 29th on Cablevision.  We’ll be seen on ESPN, Fox Business, Fox News, TNT, Hallmark, Traffic and Weather and more. If you’re looking to produce and air your own ad feel free to contact us. ...

Boston Bombing and Insurance

We sincerely don’t want to offend anyone by using the recent tragedy as a platform.  But we feel we have a responsibility to make our insureds aware of risks in an uncertain world and the options available to address them. In the light of recent events it...
Insure This:  Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes

Insure This: Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes

Injuries and property damage caused by plant explosion will be covered by P&C insurance, says the Insurance Information Institute. Workers injured by falling debris or burned as a result of the explosion will be covered by workers compensation for...
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