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Tracking devices, like Progressive’s “Snapshot”, may be causing damage to the vehicles that they are installed in.

“Telematic” devices have started to gain traction and popularity as drivers install them to their vehicles.  They track driving behaviors and often result in a discount on auto insurance premiums.

In a small but growing number of incidents they are thought to be damaging the cars they are installed in.

In one case  “…soon after installing Progressive Insurance’s “Snapshot” into her car, Pinch says her electronics began failing. First her dashboard lights went out. Then her tail lights and dome light stopped working. Then she smelled the wires burning. She never suspected the tracking device could be involved.”

It’s probably too early to determine what’s going on, but we advise you to hold off on installing these devices into your car until it’s certain they are 100% safe.   And don’t consider these if you’re sensitive to your privacy.[email protected]?utm_source=WhatCountsEmail&utm_medium=DNF_List_042114&utm_campaign=DNF_Template_2014

Snapshot Progressive 04212014 1 - Vehicle Trackers Might Be Damaging Electrical Systems