Travel Insurance Tips for Seniors

Travel Insurance Tips for Seniors

Traveling to another country and experiencing a health problem is no fun. Unfortunately, the likelihood of getting injured or coming down with a bug often increases when one travels, due to the fact you are engaging in new activities and being exposed to unfamiliar bacteria. Without the right travel insurance, it can turn into an absolute nightmare. While some countries provide quality inexpensive health care or have reciprocal agreements with the United States, this is not typical.

At the very least, your travel insurance should provide for emergency medical treatment. This should include room and board at the hospital and ambulance services in addition to fees for the emergency treatment self.

Ask your insurance agent about adding extra benefits to your travel insurance. Some insurers, for example, offer the coverage so that family members can afford to fly to be at your side in the event of an accident.

Emergency medical evacuations can cost over $100,000, depending on which country you’re being evacuated from. If you will be traveling to a country  that doesn’t have the standard of medical care you feel comfortable, adding this coverage to your travel insurance is an absolute must.

If you intend to travel to a political hot spot, make sure your insurance includes injuries resulting from an act of terrorism. Not all insurance covers medical problems or property damage resulting from such events, so it is worth it to double check.

When purchasing travel insurance, don’t forget about coverage other than medical. Consider purchasing insurance that provides for trip cancellation as well as loss of baggage and other personal effects.

Finally, make sure your travel insurance covers preexisting medical conditions, as the last thing you need to happen is to get to Casablanca and discover that your insurance doesn’t cover blood sugar issues that have arisen from the combination of your diabetes and the consumption of too much couscous.

Don’t be shy about asking your agent about all of these factors before making a decision.  They will be happy to help you find the policy that is right for you and your travel needs.

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