Take a Walk!

Take a Walk!

The results are in and we now know without a shred of doubt that lack of physical activity is a risk factor for many diseases and conditions, including cardiovascular disease, several common cancers, diabetes and osteoporosis. But you can combat these conditions with the simple act of walking. Walking not only helps keeps illnesses at bay it can also elevate your mood. The benefits of walking are numerous!

Need a good reason to get started walking?  Studies have found that walking:

  • strengthens your heart
  • prevents type 2 diabetes
  • improves cognitive function
  • strengthens your bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis
  • alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer
  • improves fitness and helps to maintain a healthy weight

Regardless of whether you’re just a beginner at walking for exercise, or if you’re already established in the habit, these tips can help you get the most from your workout:

Check with your doctor before starting a walking program, especially if you have a chronic medical condition.  A medically supervised walking routine will ensure you are on the best path to good health for your specific needs.

  • Invest in some good walking shoes, paying close attention to the fit and quality of the shoes.  Shoes should have a slightly elevated heel and good arch support.
  • Always warm up at the beginning or your workout.  Begin walking slowly, and pick up the tempo as you go.
  • Use good posture, keeping your head up, back straight, and abdomen flat.
  • Carry water with you, especially if you are walking for a long distance or in warm weather.
  • Evaluate your heart rate and breathing.  Walk at a brisk pace, being careful not to overdo your workout.  You should be able to carry a conversation while you are walking.

So what are you waiting for? Take a step in the right direction. Go for a walk. Join a health club. Get up off the couch and do something. It just may lengthen and improve the quality of your life.

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