It’s Flooding in Texas, Florida, Europe…


Got Flood Insurance?

It might be time.   Severe Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana has claimed at least 16 lives.  Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas are about to get hammered with “Colin”.  Europe has taken flooding to a whole different level.  They can list the countries of France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and more as victims of recent flooding.

Flooding in Stratford and Milford is not unheard of.   And just a few years ago Vermont – yes, that mountainous state that is nowhere near a shoreline – had extensive flooding after Hurricane Irene overflowed its rivers and streams.  It caught a lot of people and businesses without flood insurance because they thought they’d never need it.

Get Flood Insurance now, before you need it.    Contact us to get started.

Projected Flood Threat from storm Colin

Projected Flood Threat from storm Colin



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