New Employment Laws effective Jan. 1, 2017


It just got a little tougher to hire in CT eff. Jan. 1st.  And that means fewer jobs. The 2 employment laws to be aware of are:

1) Fair Chance Employment Law, Public Act 16-83. This prohibits employers from asking about prior arrests, criminal charges or convictions unless certain criteria apply. Go HERE for a more lengthy explanation.
Unfortunately, by making it harder for employers to properly screen employees this will make hiring less likely.

2) Minimum wage increases to $10.10. This discourages entry-level hiring and on-the-job training. Employers will be less willing to hire and train employees while they are paying them. They will also be financially encouraged to have fewer employees and create fewer entry-level positions. The push continues by some for a $15 min. wage.

Connecticut is already considered one of the most employment-hostile states in the nation. With the current environment it’s no surprise that GE and other employers go elsewhere. And it’s getting worse.

If you don’t already have Employment Practices Liability insurance you should.  Ask us how.

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