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We’re bringing back our e-newsletter after a few years off and you’re going to read it … or else!  No, really … or else you’ll lose out on free stuff and fun stuff.  (C’mon, we know nobody wants to read an insurance e-newsletter, so it won’t stink.)

Not only will it include info on what’s going on with us, technology, community and stuff, but we’ll be promoting how you can earn $ through referrals, get free promotional stuff and win by participating in our social media channels, stopping by the office, having us quote an insurance policy you don’t yet have with us, or other ideas we haven’t thought of, yet.

The initial e-newsletter will go out on April 5th.  Look for it and how you can win a raffle ticket that could pay $1000!  Let us know you received it (the e-newsletter will tell you how) and we’ll buy you the raffle ticket for the Pyramid Shriners raffle.  Even if you don’t win we’ll be making a contribution on your behalf to the local Stratford Shriners organization that helps out the Shriners Hospitals for Children!    Thank you!