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Are you one of 57 million Americans that have a side income? Maybe drive for hire, rent out the house, build or fix stuff, crafting, odd jobs, dump runs or a dog-walker?

You know what I’m going to ask next:  Do you have insurance for that?  You don’t and I know why you don’t.  You think you don’t need business insurance for it (44%), you’re too small to warrant have insurance for it (18%), you think you’re already covered on your current home or auto policy (11%).  You’re mistaken.  It doesn’t cost a lot to get the proper coverage but it could cost huge sums of money if you have an uninsured claim.

How did I know you don’t have insurance for it? A study by the Hartford says only 12% of those 57 million Americans have secured insurance. That leaves about 25% of the working population that are going uninsured. In other words, 1 in 4 of you reading this is missing something.

Uber & Lyft drivers: I haven’t seen the contract but have been told the insurance policy they provide protects them. It does nothing for you.

Ask us if you have an area that might need coverage. That’s what we’re here for!

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