Center School Demolition


Next door to our office is the former Center School and as neighbors we are interested in the evolution of the property. Here’s the latest: Abatement of hazardous building materials and disconnection of utilities at the former Center School is complete, and the site is now ready for demolition activities. Standard Demolition Services is mobilizing for demolition today, and demolition of above-grade structures will begin tomorrow, November 2, 2018. While hazardous building materials have been abated and removed from the site, air monitoring will still be conducted to ensure that dust and particulate levels remain below health-protective levels. We can expect that demolition materials will be piled on site according to waste stream and hauled off when the building is down in approximately three to four weeks.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Alivia Coleman at Stratford Health Department at 203-385-4090 or Tina Batoh, Conservation Superintendent at 203-385-4080. You can also view our website on the Center School project at Please share this notice with your neighbors.


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Center School, Stratford

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