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The Atlantic Hurricane season starts June 1st and ends Nov. 1st, with today being the peak. Heads up: Today Hurricane Florence has strengthened considerably to a Category 4 hurricane and there are 2 more storms (Isaac and Helene) behind it.

Check out for a wealth information and graphs on historic trends, including frequency, hurricane tracks, how many have hit each coastal county from 1900 – 2010.   Comment on what you find interesting or surprising!

Important note: When there is a storm approaching insurers suspend the ability to place new business or add coverages. When that happens it’s too late to make adjustments to your insurance. You have to do that now. Call us to make your appointment!! 203-377-4394.

Peak season hurricane activity graph:

Hurricane peakofseason Atlantic Sept 10 09102018 300x197 - Peak Hurricane Season is Today, Sept. 10th!