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Hartford Yard Goats is going nut-free.  Due to the potential liability associated with allergic reactions to peanuts, the club has decided to go without peanuts and Cracker Jack this coming season.   As insurance and risk management professionals we can understand their decision.  There are plenty of other snack options available.

And there’s a pretty cool benefit for at least one family, according to a letter received by the baseball team.  Pres. Tim Restall says he received a letter “from a father of four, one of whom has a peanut allergy, who has never been able to take his kids to a professional game.  They are going to travel to Hartford this year to do that.”

It’s expected that attendance will be off significantly this coming year among the local squirrel population.

If you’re in the food and/or beverage manufacturing or hospitality business contact us.  This is part of what we do!

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