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The fire that cost Stratford taxpayers an iconic landmark and $1.7 million (value of the structure) was apparently set by arsonist.

Good for Stratford; they did have insurance.

What about the alleged arsonists and their families?  If they are found guilty, they can be held liable for damages.  As juveniles, their families may be held responsible.  While their personal liability – typically on the homeowners policy – may provide some coverage it won’t be enough.  An umbrella policy would extend the liability limits, but even with the homeowners policy and an $1m umbrella policy it may not be enough to cover the extensive damage they’ve done if they’re responsible for multiple fires  (Milford, West Haven, Southbury).

Never mind the alleged arsonists.  They may have financially ruined their own families.

Stratford Shakespeare Theater 04092019 - Arrests Made in Shakespeare Theater Fire

Shakespeare Festival Theater

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