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We predicted this back on April 10th:  “It’s early, but here’s my prediction: Prepare for another suspension of the program followed by another short-term re-authorization.”

Here we are! The NFIP is now due to expire, again, at the end of May.

The re-authorization is part of a disaster aid bill that is stalled in Congress.  Even if it goes through before June 1 it will only extend the program for 4 months.  Hardly comforting.

Long-term re-authorization was being considered, but that appears to be scrapped for now as lawmakers look to buy 4 months time to craft it, get it out of committee, passed by house, passed by senate, and signed by President Trump.  It hasn’t happened recently and there’s little reason for optimism.


NFIP logo 12212018 - National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Due to Expire ... Again.

NFIP set to expire on May 31st.