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The Paid Family Medical Leave act has become law and will start collecting taxes from employees on Jan. 1, 2021. Benefits don’t begin until 2022, however. Employees may be able to take up to 12 weeks paid leave for certain circumstances.
The qualifications and implementation are confusing. The program and the trust fund will be overseen by the newly created Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority, a state agency made up of unelected appointees designated by the governor and commissioners from a number of relevant administrative agencies. (No mention of an inspector general or other overseeing authority.)  What could go wrong?
A financial review assuming that an employee would use the fund no more than once every 10 years shows massive under-funding, so expect the .5% tax of earnings to quickly increase to 3%, 4% or more, which quickly becomes another weight on the working class. This isn’t even considering the administrative costs on a state-run bureaucratic program, just the payouts for claims. Does this sound a lot like the recent, already-out-of-money ‘crumbling foundations’ plan? Perhaps the state will dump money into it. Oh, wait… we’re broke.
Most businesses in CT are great places to work that do their best do accommodate their employees needs, including paid time off. This bill implies the opposite; that businesses are uncaring and indifferent toward their employees and a state fix is better. No wonder corporations and individuals leave this state at the rate that leaves us with a net loss of population.
An unsustainable program on over-taxed employees and insults businesses in one of the most financially distressed states in the country.
Had enough taxes, yet?

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