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Will we see you there?

This may be the biggest, most fun single-day fund raiser in town. Come out, have fun, join the thousands of participants and organizers, and be charitable.

If you’re registering for the walk/run you are encouraged to sign up with “Team Dougherty”. We’d love to see you there and have you join us!

Here’s the link to register:

Can’t make the race but still want  to donate?  Go here:


VickiSotoPhoto2 11032018 300x150 - Vicki Soto 5k is this Saturday!

Vicki Soto 5k 2018.  Team Dougherty.

Vicki Soto 5k 2018

Pre Race!

Vicki Soto 5k Dougherty Ins team 11042107 300x150 - Vicki Soto 5k is this Saturday!

Part of the 2017 crew.