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In the future your business might be on the receiving end of a claim or suit by a patron or employee claiming they became infected or sick as a result of being at your business. Could your business be held responsible? Yes, that’s possible, (that depends a lot on what type of business you’re in.) and what you do now will affect the outcome of that claim or suit. The best you can do is take the proper precautions now – maybe even a few steps past the proper precautions – and document it. Be able to show that you did what was needed and then some. Make it so your defense is as strong as it can be. Then, if you’re still held responsible, well, that’s what you have insurance for!

Societal Costs of Unsafe Employers 1 300x201 - Could Your Business Be Held Liable?  Will Your Employees File WC Claims?

When Covid19 becomes a Workers Compensation claim