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(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today (07-17-2020) released the following statement regarding workers’ compensation:

“Connecticut owes a debt to the health care professionals, grocery store clerks, and other essential workers who stood at their posts during the darkest days of this pandemic. We can pay a part of that debt by providing workers who contracted COVID-19 on the job during those days with a timely, straightforward opportunity to claim any benefits they are due through the workers’ compensation system. I am committed to providing that opportunity through a forthcoming executive order. I appreciate those employers who have done the right thing by their employees, the Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Commission for operating continually throughout this pandemic, and most of all, the workers for their efforts and sacrifice.”

That’s from the Office of the Governor and is copied in its entirety.  Source:

Is diktat really the right way to do this?   Would it take that long for the state legislature to get this done?

masthead lamont 300x63 - CT Gov. Lamont Statement on Workers' Compensation

Gov’s recent diktat on workers compensation