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Office visit time!  The resurgence of Covid in the fall along with a few other factors meant that she hasn’t been here over the past few months.  There was always somebody at home so Leia was never left home alone.  No more!  Now nobody is home most work days, so Leia is heading back to the office, too.  Maybe just a couple days a week.  We’ll see.

And our neighbor at Grover Opticians has a new puppy that she’ll be bringing in.  Leia is great with small dogs, loves to play, and the puppy needs to learn to socialize with other dogs. (If you have a dog around 60 – 90 pounds Leia will likely play rough if there’s an issue about who the alpha dog is going to be.  Do not bring them to our office without discussing with us, first.)

Leia loves people, too.  If you want to visit her check with us before coming in to see if she’s in that day!

Leia 01192021 225x300 - Leia's Visiting Again!

Leia is visiting, again!