Downtown Market Sponsored by Dougherty Ins.


We have agreed to support and sponsor the Downtown Market next month in the parking lot right outside our office! Join us in participating in our great community.  August 26th, 10AM to 4PM at Colonial Square in Stratford Center.


If you are interested in being a sponsor, vendor or just want a sign to help publicize it contact our office – we’ll get you set up for this.  We’ll be having a vendors table right outside our office.


We’ll see you there on Aug. 26th!


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Insurance coverages and the Research Drive fire in Stratford this AM


Insurance coverages and the Research Drive building fire of this morning. A total loss. #Stratford


If the insurance was done correctly the landlord and tenant (if they are separate entities) will be looking at the coverages to address the building, contents, debris removal, pollutants, additional expenses associated with moving the business (temporarily?) and operating it elsewhere, loss of income, loss of rents, possible increased costs to rebuild to code and more. The time to have a professional take a look at your insurance portfolio is before, not after the event.


Contact us today at 203-377-4394.

Get your pocket copy of the “Declaration of Independence”


In honor of the upcoming Independence Day holiday we have pocket “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitution of the United States” booklets!   Come in anytime next week to pick up your copy.


If you’re already a customer and would like one for yourself or your kids just let us know and we’ll get one to you. If you’re not a customer…what are you waiting for? Come by our office and if we can quote on your insurance needs we’ll give you one, anyway.


This is must-read stuff. You know that. Get it. Read it.



Comedy Night with Fred Rubino in Stratford Center, Friday June 29th


Nationally known comedian, Fred Rubino, will be IN STRATFORD tomorrow night, June 29th to put on a show for the Pyramid Shriners in support of the Shriners Hospitals for Children.  Proceeds of each ticket purchased will go to the organization.


This is a inexpensive, entertaining night with a quality performer.  Tickets available at the door based on availability.  Participating local restaurants will give a discount on food and drink.


Click HERE for more info.



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Hurricane Season starts June 1st!


Here’s the Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):  NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a 35% chance that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season will be above-normal, 40% chance that is will be near-normal and a 25% chance it will be below normal.  Click HERE to go to the article on their website.


Accuweather predicts a more active season with 12-15 tropical storms, 6-8 hurricanes, 3-5 major hurricanes with 3 or 4 named storms making U.S. landfall.  Click HERE for their article.


Important Note:   When there is a hurricane or major storm that may threaten our area we, as your insurance agent, are often unable to place or increase insurance coverage until the storm has passed!   Don’t wait until the last minute.   Look into your coverage with us now.




Hawaii Volcanoes Made WORSE by State Insurance Risk Pool


Why would anyone live in the path of lava floes from a known, active volcano?  In part, because the state-created Hawaii Property Insurance Association ensures they can get subsidized insurance coverage for properties in high-risk lava zones, creating a perverse incentive to develop in dangerous areas that are now at risk of being destroyed.


The better question might be what idiots in the state legislature lacked the intelligence to recognize this as a bad idea, not just financially, but morally as well.


For more on how this scheme ‘works’ go to the Wall Street Journal article at









Yankees and Yard Goats


We have some upcoming plans for you baseball fans …


We can’t tell you about the Yankees, yet.   Just look for something in June.


The Hartford Yard Goats is a great night out, even if you’re not a baseball fan.   We’re working on getting 4 tickets from Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp., a season holder and sponsor of the team.   Because of their standing the tickets they have available are exceptionally good seats.  We’re going to give them to a customer … maybe you.


Thanks for reading.



4 Tornadoes Confirmed in CT


Depending on your source, either 2 or 4 tornadoes have been confirmed to have hit CT in the storm that passed through the state on Tuesday, May 15th.


Did you have a claim or trees down?  We have filed claims and answered questions from our clients about trees coming down and who is responsible for what when they do come down.


Contact us with your questions or to review your property insurance needs to be prepared for the next one.   That’s what were here for!






Flood Insurance at a Lower Price


We now work with a number of private insurers that have recently entered the flood insurance marketplace.  That means competition with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which means you may be able to get a lower price for the same coverage!


We’re seeing lower pricing come in on policies that have a premium of $1000 or more annually. And they’re coming in about 15 to 20% lower than NFIP! This is on policies that are in most “A” zones (high-risk) and even “V” zones (subject to potential flooding by wave action; i.e., shorefront).   If you’re in an “A” or “V” zone look for our postcard.  You’re the most likely to benefit from this!


Grab your current policy and call us.  If you can send the coverage page (aka ‘declarations’ page) to us we can have a quote back to you shortly.   We’ll see if you might be in line to save some significant $ at your next renewal!




New Market for Vacant Condos and Residential Rental properties!


Do you have an unoccupied condo? It can be hard to find an affordable insurer for vacant property of any kind. One of our insurance partners, Foremost, will be starting a new program for vacant condominium units next month. It includes vacation, short-term rental, and condo landlords, too. Contact us to put them to work for you.



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