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Stratford Library Mini-Golf


Proud to help out the Stratford Library by purchasing a sponsorship at their recent golf event!    “Nice job” to Denise on the decoration duties.


OK, so it’s not the U.S. Open…


Support the businesses that support your community!

Hurricane Michael


The latest potential major storm has grown to a category 2 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and is heading north toward Florida and is expected to make landfall Wednesday night.


In CT we may see some residual rain from it this Friday or Saturday depending on how the storm tracks.


Income on the Side?


Are you one of 57 million Americans that have a side income? Maybe drive for hire, rent out the house, build or fix stuff, crafting, odd jobs, dump runs or a dog-walker?


You know what I’m going to ask next:  Do you have insurance for that?  You don’t and I know why you don’t.  You think you don’t need business insurance for it (44%), you’re too small to warrant have insurance for it (18%), you think you’re already covered on your current home or auto policy (11%).  You’re mistaken.  It doesn’t cost a lot to get the proper coverage but it could cost huge sums of money if you have an uninsured claim.


How did I know you don’t have insurance for it? A study by the Hartford says only 12% of those 57 million Americans have secured insurance. That leaves about 25% of the working population that are going uninsured. In other words, 1 in 4 of you reading this is missing something.


Uber & Lyft drivers: I haven’t seen the contract but have been told the insurance policy they provide protects them. It does nothing for you.


Ask us if you have an area that might need coverage. That’s what we’re here for!


CT Now Accepts Digital Auto ID cards


There are a number of new laws in CT effective Oct. 1st, one of them being that a digital automobile insurance ID card on your phone is now a legitimate ID card.


Most auto insurers have an app that you can download to your phone for easy access to your account, including your auto ID cards. We’ll be looking into this and we’ll show you how!


Downtown Market – Stratford


Yesterday the Downtown Market happened in Stratford Center in the parking lot directly in front of our office.  Great to see current customers, some future customers, neighbors, friends and brothers.  A special thank you to Joe Secondo of the Hartford for spending a Sunday working the booth with me and explaining the Hartford’s AARP-endorsed insurance program and providing promotional items.   And for the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Fire Stick that we raffled off at the end of the day!


I was able to set up our booth immediately next to the Pyramid Shriners, so I was able to spend some time with my Shriner brothers who share our passion of helping out the children who benefit from the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.  Thanks to all who made a donation or bought a raffle ticket!


Business and pleasure!






Homeowners Blast


Did you get our mailing?


Select areas are receiving our Homeowners marketing postcard this week in their mailboxes. If you didn’t want one, sorry. If you received one, call us! If you didn’t get one don’t let that bother you … you can still put us to work on your insurance needs!


Six Top Tips for Home Protection

A big part of owning your own home, or even renting a property, is protecting it and your personal belongings inside. If you’re concerned about home protection, then here are six of the best tips that you need to keep your home and belongings safe from harm:

  1. Change Your Approach

The only way to achieve comprehensive protection is to consider just where your home is the most vulnerable. Instead of going into home protection blind, you need to create a tailored plan that pinpoints the exact liabilities of your property.

Go around your home, look for weaknesses, and take note of where others might be able to see into your home. Then assess your doors, check their strength, and think about how you would break in if you were in the shoes of an intruder.

  1. Think About Security

Doors and windows should be secure, which means that new locks, stronger frames, and better hingers, may be an investment that you need to make. Double check to make sure there are no cracks around your doors or windows, invest in a security door or high-impact glass, and always lock-up when you’re leaving the house.

  1. Hide Your Keys

If you’re constantly losing your keys, having a spare outside may seem like a good idea. However, it’s one of the easiest ways for someone to break into your home.

Try a different approach and opt for a keyless door, or even leave a key with a trusted friend, instead of outdoors.

  1. Protect Your Wiring

Wiring is a major vulnerability in the home, and the weak spot of a security system. Make sure all wiring is fully hidden and properly covered.

  1. Change Your Garden

Anywhere outside that restricts your view from the property can be detrimental to property protection, but so can landscaping that puts your home on full view from the street. Consider a garden makeover and take care of blind spots in your landscaping.

  1. Insure Your Home and Belongings!

Prevention methods to stop burglaries are vital, but so is protection if the worst happens and your belongings or property are damaged. Getting adequate home insurance is a must to avoid the financial stress and upheaval of having to pay out for expensive repairs and replace belongings in your home.

Talk to us today for information about comprehensive home insurance and plans that are tailored to your needs. For a peace of mind over home protection and the best insurance, don’t delay in giving us a call.

First Time Getting a Home Insurance Policy? Here Are the Top Tips You Need…

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll make in your life. Not only does it free you from the restraints of having to pay rent, but it’s a valuable long-term investment that makes sense in more than one way when it comes to finances.

One of the biggest things that first-time home buyers have to face, is how to save vital funds when they are trying to purchase a property. This puts home insurance near the top of the priority list, not just because it can protect your belongings and property, but because it’s a key area to start saving money.

First-Time Home Insurance Policies – The Costs

You can expect insurance rates to cost you around an average of $952 a year, according to the statistics from Value Penguin. While this is the average, prices can fluctuate quite severely. There are a number of key factors that can influence home insurance cost, including:

  • Non-payment that resulted in insurance cancellation
  • High-risk properties, use of specialist materials in construction, high-claim area, or special feature properties
  • No insurance history or sparse insurance history
  • Paying separately for different insurances instead of using bundles
  • Making insurance claims

Many homeowners get the benefit of discounts on their home insurance, but this often isn’t the case for first-time buyers. Due to this, it’s important to make sure that you thoroughly investigate all the options open to you and take advantage of all money-saving opportunities.

Top Tips for Saving Money on Home Insurance 

Just a few simple tips and tricks may lead to some substantial savings on both the purchase of your first home and your home insurance. Here are our top five ways to make savings:

1.) Plan Ahead

Leaving home insurance as the last item on your to-do list means limiting your options for a good home insurance policy. It will pay in the long-run to research early, know your options, and find the right insurance for your needs. Always bear in mind:

  • Your home insurance will be in relation to your dwelling value not your real estate value.
  • Never feel pressured into making a decision without knowing what you’re covered for.
  • Get complete coverage for the important things.
  • Plan for potential increases in other insurance areas.

2.) Think About Insurance History

Your insurance history is incredibly important when getting house insurance – the better established your history is, the better discounts you’ll have access to. If you don’t have an established insurance history, then try building a good history by getting renters insurance or even contacting your parent’s insurance and seeing if you can be recognized by them.

3.) Know When Costs Change

Your home insurance will likely not be the same as the insurance that the current owners of the property pay. Personal information is needed to create an insurance plan, so be prepared to pay something different!

4.) Get That Home Inspection

A home inspection may be a big cost, but it could save you so much more in the long-run. Spotting major problems with a property now, could prevent serious financial disasters in the future. You might also get some top tips from your inspector about bringing down insurance costs.

5.) Double-Up and Get Mortgage Insurance

Not all insurance bundles are good, but it doesn’t mean that they are all bad either. Consider mortgage insurance alongside your home insurance, as the price may be substantially cheaper than if you went to a mortgage lender.

Need advice on home insurance, or want to get a head start with renter’s insurance? Give us a call today and we’ll make sure that all your insurance questions are answered!

Hurricane Season starts June 1st!


Here’s the Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):  NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a 35% chance that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season will be above-normal, 40% chance that is will be near-normal and a 25% chance it will be below normal.  Click HERE to go to the article on their website.


Accuweather predicts a more active season with 12-15 tropical storms, 6-8 hurricanes, 3-5 major hurricanes with 3 or 4 named storms making U.S. landfall.  Click HERE for their article.


Important Note:   When there is a hurricane or major storm that may threaten our area we, as your insurance agent, are often unable to place or increase insurance coverage until the storm has passed!   Don’t wait until the last minute.   Look into your coverage with us now.




Hawaii Volcanoes Made WORSE by State Insurance Risk Pool


Why would anyone live in the path of lava floes from a known, active volcano?  In part, because the state-created Hawaii Property Insurance Association ensures they can get subsidized insurance coverage for properties in high-risk lava zones, creating a perverse incentive to develop in dangerous areas that are now at risk of being destroyed.


The better question might be what idiots in the state legislature lacked the intelligence to recognize this as a bad idea, not just financially, but morally as well.


For more on how this scheme ‘works’ go to the Wall Street Journal article at









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