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We are blessed with some great restaurants and bars in southern Connecticut

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we insure ’em!

We are blessed with some great restaurants and bars in southern Connecticut. There are lots of them and they cover the spectrum.

Watering holes have all kinds of names and descriptions like bar, tavern, pub, ale house, gastropub, tasting room, nightclub, lodge, parlor, inn, grill, café, beergarden … they’ve got different insurance needs, too. We’re ready forRestaurants that vary widely. If you have catering, take-out, delivery, food truck, pizza trailer, waterfront dining, franchises, brewpubs, delicatessens, bagel shops, hot dog carts, ice cream trucks … we insure ’em!

We’re know about the issues you face with spoilage, cyber threats, employer’s liability, liquor liability and more that might keep you up at night.

We’ve probably been to your restaurant already. We recognize the wide array of types of restaurants and what they do. We’ve got a pretty impressive group of insurers to choose from, like Hartford, Travelers, Main St. America, Utica First, CNA, and a bunch more.

We listed different names for bars and different types of “restaurants”. Your turn: How many names can you think of for a “grinder”?

Contact us to put us to work for you and take some of the stresses out of being a bar or restaurant owner! If you don’t do it now you know you won’t get back to it until who-know-when. Call 203-377-4394 or fill out the form on this page.

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Denise has been great in handling our commercial account. We’re a little demanding and don’t need any more stress in running our business. Over time Denise and crew have made me confident that I can count on them and they’re great to work with! We are so glad we have her as our account manager.
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Crissa Diaferi
Wildflower Grounds Management, Stamford, CT
Wow, wow, wow…You have been a big help at my time of need since the flood. All repairs are getting done. I pray daily for you and your crew.
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Sister Theresa Tremblay
Daughters of Charity – Bridgeport, CT
Recently sent to Kim by a customer after she saved the customer hundreds on her auto insurance!
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Thanks for the quick turnaround. You guys are great.
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Brunson Electric
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