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Open Today

Open Today

We are open today, March 29th. Happy Good Friday and enjoy your Easter weekend!      
Boating Season !

Boating Season !

Is it too early to think about boating in Connecticut?  Probably, but we can daydream! A new insurer joins our arsenal of insurers.  Hagerty Insurance has been with us as a specialist in antique auto insurance.  We’ve never written a lot of...
AP:  Applying for Obamacare Likely Not an Easy Task

AP: Applying for Obamacare Likely Not an Easy Task

As a supporter of the health care act explains: “This lengthy draft application will take a considerable amount of time to fill out and will be difficult for many people to be able to complete,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, an...

Late opening

Snow is delaying our opening. Use our website at to report claims, make a payment, request a change to your policy, etc. We’ll be open when we can safely get to the office. Be careful out there.  ...
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